5 Best Apps Similar to TaskbarX

5 Best Apps Similar to TaskbarX

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TaskbarX is a program that sits in the system tray and lets you organize the windows on your screen. It lets you save your windows as shortcuts on the taskbar and also pin them to the taskbar. You can also use TaskbarX to save the window position and size, and save a window's position and size to a specific spot on the taskbar.

1. Action Launcher

Action Launcher is a launcher with a modern design. Action Launcher lets you create a customizable dock that you can then place on the screen. Action Launcher also has a wide array of themes, including a Windows 8 theme. Action Launcher includes a Quickbar from which you can access your apps and other features. Action Launcher also lets you change the background, icon style, and color of the Action Launcher.

2. Bochs

Bochs is a small and fast x86 emulator for Windows and Linux. Bochs runs most DOS and Windows programs, including games. Bochs is a great emulator if you want to run older programs on your computer.

3. Bartender

Bartender is a program that helps you clean up your taskbar. Bartender can show you a list of running programs and lets you hide them. You can also create a menu that will show your running programs and let you choose which to show, making your taskbar much less cluttered.

4. Clipboard

Clipboard is a clipboard manager. Clipboard has a browser and a list of clips and lets you save and access anything you've copied to the clipboard. Clipboard will also let you paste your clip and paste a clip you've saved. Clipboard is the best way to manage your clipboard and to avoid misplacing important items.

5. Desk

Desk lets you create different desktops and switch between them. Desk also lets you customize the layouts of each desktop and will let you switch between desktops with a keyboard shortcut. Desk is a great way to organize your work and let you access your programs quickly.